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Goldfingers Premium Pomade is a water-soluble hair pomade with a subtle scent of pineapple.

The pomade combs in with ease and sets neatly with maximum hardness and moderate shine. Water-based, it offers the same hold and shine of greasy pomades but will wash out of your hair instantly with just water. The pomade is versatile and can be adapted to suit your chosen style. This product will set your style in place throughout the day and, can be re-activated at any point with a wet comb without forming flakes like most gels do.

  • TIPS

    Our heavy hold Premium Pomade is perfect for thick, coarse and stubborn hair that simply doesn’t want to listen. 
    Our product works best on towel dried hair (with a little bit of dampness left) – Not only does it comb effortlessly, it also holds your hair effectively towards your desired look. 
    Do be certain that your hair is not too wet before applying so as to not dilute the pomade. 
    Additionally to restyle, the pomade can also be re-activated at any point with a wet comb.

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    100ML / 3.4FL.OZ
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